Where Stories Come to Life.

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For Fun
Storytelling with live music that gets your audience into the act! General audiences.

Average showtimes 40 minutes.

A half-dozen stories and music. Perfect for family nights, holiday resorts, stage venues.

Sample material:

  • ​"Supersized Lies & Big Olde Tales"
  • A game show hosted by a catfish? Be careful what you wish for--don't get hooked!
  • News Flash: The REAL Cinderella! Shocker--she's NOT blond!
  • The Royals sing love songs to sandwiches--and you're invited to sing along.
    (Or sing "hello/goodbye" to your head.)

Special guests can include That Crybaby Pecos Bill, ​Crazy Coyotes,
Dis Bull Don't Dig Red, and your kids yelling ​(we say when!)