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History: OUR Story.

Evan’s approach and enthusiasm engages students in close reading skills of primary sources: media,  photographs, artifacts. They provide an excellent catalyst for student  discovery.”                    

--- Jena Sebille, Curator​ /  Fulton County Schools Teaching Museum

  • Classroom programs that excite students & meet Georgia Core requirements
  • Storytelling workshops that give teachers tools to help students create 'history' from family stories and attic artifacts

Let's make "History is B-O-R-R-R-ING!" a thing of the past!
Hands-On History turns students into Truth Detectives. Actual artifacts in-hand, they'll sharpen observation, critical thinking and "close reading" skills.

50 minute programs meet Georgia Core Standards, adapted to grade level.​  Ask about storytelling workshops for teachers!

In-school workshops: 

​4th -  8th Grade: "Primary Sources - WWII The Home Front" *

Middle - High School (adapted to grade level) "The Power of Propaganda: 1914 - 1945"

4th - 8th : "The Civil Rights Movement" *

* Developed with Fulton County Schools Teaching Museum. To book these two workshops at a Fulton County Public School, contact the Teaching Museum: 770.552.6339.  All other school districts, contact ELee@StorySourceLLC.com